Everything Everything – _Arc_

Released – 14/01/13 (RCA)
Permalink: http://mostlyferocious.com/2013/02/08/everything-everything-_arc_/

Everything Everything ArcManchester four-piece Everything Everything return with their much-awaited follow-up to 2010’s ‘Man Alive’ in the shape of ‘_Arc_’ (pun intended). As you might expect, they’re as mental as ever. It’s difficult to pin down Everything Everything in terms of sound or genre as they jump all over the place. One minute they can be a pop act, and the next they’re experimenting with bee-bop jazz. Everything Everything are the very definition of eclectic.

First out is the single ‘Cough Cough’ with twitchy stop-start drumming and who knows what they’re singing about. Its rhythm and harmonies are infectious from the start and despite its utter madness, it is difficult not to sing along, even after only a couple of listens. Continue reading