Teardrop Factory – Thrash In The Heart

Released – 15/09/2014 (Faux Discx)
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Teardrop-Factory-Thrash-In-The-HeartScuzz duo Teardrop Factory continue their guitar-noise assault with the release of their debut long player ‘Thrash In The Heart’.

Kicking off with louder than hell ‘3AM Coke Dream’, the template is set for what is about to be a pretty extreme record. With its low slung riffs and pounding bass-lines, it’s brimming with attitude. There is nothing about this band that even wants you to like them. Second track in, ‘Bleed’ is full of noisy detail, with vocals just out of reach of the listener. The emphasis of the whole record is on snarling guitars and the wall-of-sound they create. The frequencies Teardrop Factory generate on each track is astounding. Continue reading