Secret Cities – Strange Hearts

Release Date : 28/03/2011 (Western Vinyl)
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Secret Cities -Strange HeartsNorth Dakota three piece Secret Cities offer a follow-up to their début, ‘Pink Graffiti’, in the guise of ‘Strange Hearts’ released this month on Western Vinyl. The mood of the record is similar, and as much of a joy as you would expect. Newcomers to Secret Cities will immediately take note of their amazing vocal abilities. The vocal arrangements on their own can be complex and spellbinding, and musicianship is similarly top notch.

Opener ‘Always Friends’ starts with a sunny summer feel, yet is deliciously dirty sounding and lo-fi. The melody and vocals are instantly striking. Musically, throughout the album, there is a lot going on, even if it is sometimes muffled under the [intentional] lack of production. ‘Ice Cream Scene’ starts as a lovely choral piece and builds to something resembling Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest. It’s difficult to know what they’re singing about, but as with all good tunes, who cares?

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