Teardrop Factory – Topshop EP / Shudder Pulps – Housebound EP

Teardrop Factory – Topshop EP – Released 27/05/2013 (Faux Discx)
Shudder Pulps – Housebound EP – Released 12/08/2013 (Faux Discx)
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Teardrop Factory 'Topshop EP'Faux Discx is a record label based in Brighton, created and managed by (one third of Cold Pumas’) Dan Reeves. The label specialises in bringing guitar based art-rock back to the masses. It’s something of a phenomenon how their acts are sourced, and with each new release comes a new revelation.

Earlier in the year Cold Puma’s redefined noise-rock with their seminal ‘Persistent Malaise’ album, and the labels recent release from Teardrop Factory, and up and coming EP from Shudder Pulps adds to their sterling catalogue.

Teardrop Factory are a three-piece based in Brighton, and keeping in with the Faux Discx tradition of scuzz-pop and melodic guitar-based noise. Their debut ‘Topshop EP’ is released as part of Faux Discx ‘Monotone’ 7″ series and completely encapsulates the many facets of their sound in the four tracks on offer. Continue reading