The Dodos – Carrier

Released 27/08/2013 (Polyvinyl Records)
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The Dodo’s are duo Meric Long and Logan Kroeber (often accompanied by an ever-changing cast of supporting musicians) and they hail from San Francisco. Long time stalwarts of the US ‘college scene’ their breakthrough album ‘Visiter’ was released in 2008, and they’ve gained a huge following since that time. The Dodo’s are famed for their live shows, and imaginative use of instruments (tambourine shoes, no really), and also for their vocals and very technical guitar structures. Labelled as ‘indie/folk’ some time ago, this feels like a label they have both outgrown and redefined. There is no doubt they have some roots in folks, but their ability to shapeshift throughout any of their tracks makes this feel like a catagorisation too far. Continue reading