UV PØP – No Songs Tomorrow

Release Date : 02/04/2012 (Sacred Bones Records)
Permalink : http://mostlyferocious.com/2012/04/10/uv-pop-no-songs-tomorrow

UV PØP - No Songs TomorrowSacred Bones Records (home of ‘The Men’) have reissued early eighties punk/electro curiosity UV PØP’s ‘No Songs Tomorrow’. UV PØP (UV standing for ‘Ultra Violent’) hail from South Yorkshire at a time when Thatcher ruled, coal mines were closing, unemployment was at record levels, and there was very little to be cheery about. This record is as much a testament to the social climate of the time, as it is to the huge number of musical directions happening during that era. Punk and No Wave was dying away to more electro-led movements and there were a number of bands caught in the crossfire. On its initial release, ‘No Songs Tomorrow’ was pressed in very small numbers and after developing a word-of-mouth cult following, became a much sought after rarity. Over the years, the groundswell of bands citing this record as influential has led to its reissue, and, hearing it almost 30 years later, you can really see why.

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