Daft Punk – Random Access Memories

Released – 17/05/2013 (Columbia Records)
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Daft Punk Random Access MemoriesFollowing on from 2005’s ‘Human After All’ and 2010’s ‘Tron : Legacy’ soundtrack, it’s hard to ignore the media circus which has encapsulated the release of Daft Punk’s new offering ‘Random Access Memories’. It’s easy to forget how long the French duo have been churning out the hits, and their expansive back-catalogue span some 16 years. Over that time, Daft Punk have managed to create some of the most iconic dance music of any artist, and there is always an undeniably timeless feel to everything they do. In terms of musical style, they are electronic for the most part, but never shy away from the use of live instruments whenever they need to. ‘Random Access Memories’ is possibly their most ‘instrumental-driven’ output yet. Continue reading